The Ranch Gilgil Gardens

Gilgil, Kenya, is a town in Nakuru County, Kenya. The town is located between Naivasha and Nakuru and along the Nairobi – Nakuru highway.  It is to the west of the Gilgil River, which flows south to feed Lake Naivasha. Located just 30 minutes from Nakuru city, The Ranch, Gilgil Gardens is a location suitable for farming due to its rich soil, construction of family or holiday homes, hotels etc. It is also located 12km from Gilgil town, and only 10 minutes from the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

The plots also have ready title deeds


-280,000 (Cash)
-300,000 (Installments)

-3200,000 (1 year payment plan)

(Initial deposit is 20,000 / more)

-300,000 (Cash)
-320,000 (6 months payment plan)

-340,000 (1 year payment plan)

(Initial deposit is 20,000 / more)


Fenced, with a gate. All plots are 50/100

All the prices are title deed inclusive


Have you ever desired, dreamt or wished of owning a property in one of the Luxurious and fastest growing cities in Kenya? A plot in a cool breeze area suitable for Country homes and Cattle rearing as you Experience the warm humidity from a fresh lake, farming all types of horticulture as you enjoy the view of travelers from Nairobi to Nakuru? Faraja Settlers Limited got you covered.